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Text Burned

Nama: Rheza Widya Pratama
Kelas: XII IPA

Text Burned

  1. Create a new document 800 x 600 Pixel.
  2. Give Black background color, then create a text up as shown.
  3. Then rasterize text by right clicking on the text layer and select rasterize.
  4. Then give the effect of wind (Click Menu FilterStylizeWind), set the appropriate image, then repeat the wind effect or can directly press Ctrl + F 2x (to repeat the effect of the last used).
  5. Give the effect of wind again (repeat step No. 4) the difference in the arrangement direction (from the right and from the elevator).
  6. Ok, now we turn 90° CW (click EditTransformRotate 90° CW).
  7. Well now we love again the effect of wind (repeat steps 4 and 5).
  8. We rotate back to back to the original (Click EditTransformRotate 90° CCW).
  9. Now lives give us the fire, prepare the match… Before we change the color mode to Grayscale (click ImageModeGrayscale), then we change it to indexed color (click ImageModeIndexed Color).
  10. Finally we flammable the fire a color table (Click ImageModeColor Table), and set in accordance with the drawings.

Hasil nya:

Setelah itu kita buka lagi di Photoshop bisa kita edit warna nya sesuka kita:


Comments on: "Text Burned" (1)

  1. Mmmph, kalau saya sih melihatnya bukan efek text burned, tapi text berpijar. Nice job, but keep practice.

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